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This was our second EP originally recorded to be our debut release for Runner Up Records, then eventually self-released instead as a CD with hand made artwork. Sold 300 of them, then placed it online as a free download.


released April 1, 2007




By Surprise Haddon Heights, New Jersey

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Track Name: Ode To Pollard
The karaoke bar was a drag. I sang Guided By Voices (among all the bad choices). And if you think this song is strange, just wait for the ending. This out of time ending. I am a scientist, I seek to understand me.
Track Name: I Liked You Better
I like you better when you had a smaller bed. When I'd sleep over, you had to sleep close to me. And you'd whisper "Oh you're so much trouble." and I'd whisper "No, you're the one who's trouble."

And lately I've been thinking maybe I'm the one who's trouble.
Track Name: Terra Cotta Army
All the words you say won't hit me today. Anything you throw I'll catch today. And when you talk, I feel great, but now you'll never ever never.

This day won't last forever; you and I both know that. You'll walk out my room, past my doormat. You're never coming back. No.
Track Name: Circuit Breaker (Blow Minds)
Rain.. and the whole house is empty. It's ten past 10:50pm and everything is down on this side of town. Strike up the matches, light up the candles, illuminate the photos sitting on the mantle. But we don't need no electricity..

Dear Computer Screen,

I didn't mean to get so mean. But for you to be broken, would save me some time. I'm always wasting my time. We don't need no electricity.

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