Split 7" with Hightide Hotel

by By Surprise / Hightide Hotel

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Released by our friends Andrew and Sean on Runner Up Records in the summer of '09. Hightide recorded their songs with Joe from Algernon and we recorded ours with Dave of Up Up Down Down as a part of his recording class that he teaches at the local college. Our release show just happened to be on the same day as Michael Jackson's death. Annabel played and it was awesome.

This release is officially out of print.


released June 25, 2009


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By Surprise Haddon Heights, New Jersey

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Track Name: Invisible Ink
Wrote me a letter that I'll never see, so I climbed a tree just to think.. it might as well be with invisible ink.

I climbed up a tree, I'm never coming down again.
Track Name: CB Radio
When I learn how to drive, will I know where I'm going at night. And we won't find that record store in time. Knowing this town, it probably closes at 9pm. And we should allot some time if we get lost, in fact I know we'll get lost. Brendan, I think we made a wrong turn. You think by now we'd fucking learn to not take short cuts and turn around when we get lost in these no-name towns. And sometimes I won't no where to go. At least I have my CB radio. I don't want to have to call Tara tonight. Where the fuck is 295? Where the fuck is route 55? What exit will take me back home tonight?
Track Name: I miss you, etc.
I'm not watching the TV, but it's on. Because I find more interest in the placement of your hands. Don't you think it's time you went home? But before you go, I want you to know that I'd just like to kiss you again on my street. It was raining; my hands were fucking freezing. But your hands held the back of my neck, and my hands held onto your hips.

Well, I got your postcard.. It read, "I miss you, etc." - whatever the fuck that means. Then I guess "I miss you etc." too.

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